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Simple Automation Set to the Rhythm of Your Life

Does smart home technology intimidate you? At first glance, it might seem like you have to be a techy know-it-all in order to enjoy a life made easier by automation, but that’s just not the case. Taking advantage of today’s most innovative features is a breeze. In fact, we’re calling it “simple automation” because it’s […]

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Energy Efficiency: 3 Ways to Stay Warm this Winter

We’re in the midst of winter: chilly weather, glistening snowfalls, and many layers of clothes make up our days. Did you know that the Milwaukee area sees the lowest temperatures during January? Has your home felt extra drafty lately? There is one way to keep warm this winter: energy efficiency. With the latest innovations, you […]

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Home Projects: Surround Yourself with Beauty & Function

The start of a new year…it feels like a chance to begin again, a blank slate with hopeful energy filling the air. Have you thought about making changes with home projects? Not only is the beginning of the New Year a great opportunity to start fresh, but by completing some home projects on your list, […]

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