3 Ways to Bring Hygge into Your Home

What does “cozy” mean to you? Do you picture fluffy pillows and soft blankets? What about a dinner table surrounded by loved ones and laughter? Is it the comfort of your bed after a long day? The design world has been captivated by the Danish concept of “Hygge,” and now we’re here to show you how you can capture this Nordic style of cozy comfort if your home.


A Space Just for You

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Hygge, pronounced “hyoo-gah,” is a noun used to describe comfort, contentment, and overall happiness over the simplest things. It’s almost like a feeling of pure joy. Have you ever felt simply happy when sipping a hot cup of tea on a rainy day? That’s hygge. So, how do you incorporate this into your home design? Create a space in your home that is meant just for you. You’ll feel mentally rejuvenated after some time peaceful alone!


Spend Time with Loved Ones

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Your weeks are hectic with work and activities, by the time the weekend comes, you just want to relax at home. How often have you made plans with friends and then canceled because you’re simply too tired? We’ve all done it. We all say, “We need to get together more!” but it never seems to happen. Use Hygge as a gentle reminder to put your social life first at times. Enjoy being surrounded by those you love. You’ll feel happier once you do.


Curl Up and Get Cozy
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Book: Nordstrom | Throw Pillow: Macy’s | Coffee Mug: Bed, Bath & Beyond | Soft: Bed, Bath & Beyond | Blanket: HauteLook | Candle: Revolve | Potted Plant: Zulily

Hygge may be more of a “feeling” to some, but that doesn’t mean it can’t influence the way you decorate your home. When I think of cozy, I picture relaxing on my couch with fluffy pillows, a big blanket, and a hot cup of coffee. Find your own cozy and create a look that fills you with warmth and comfort. Fabrics, textures, art, colors…there are so many ways you can create hygge in your design.

Bring Home Hygge + Create Pure Comfort

Why not make the new year about you? Bringing Hygge into your home will help you relax and enjoy the simple things in life. Curl up with a book and blanket. Invite a friend over for a cup of coffee. Take time out of your day to do something for yourself. We want to help you create a cozy, comfortable atmosphere. Our designers know exactly what you need to get started! Contact our team at Bazaar Home Decorating today for a free, in-home consultation.

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