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Spring Inspiration: 5 Tips for a Designer Home

Did you love our recent taste of spring? Beautifully sunny skies, temperatures in the 60s…it was simply glorious, wasn’t it?! While our mini-spring only lasted a few days, it was wonderfully refreshing. Springtime has a way of livening, rejuvenating, and inspiring us. As you soaked up some sunny rays last week, did you find yourself […]

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Home Projects: Surround Yourself with Beauty & Function

The start of a new year…it feels like a chance to begin again, a blank slate with hopeful energy filling the air. Have you thought about making changes with home projects? Not only is the beginning of the New Year a great opportunity to start fresh, but by completing some home projects on your list, […]

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We Are Your Home Decorating Center!

Have you been searching for a home decorating center to help with your redecorating needs? Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed with all of the Google searches that end up leaving you with more frustration than inspiration? In Milwaukee and surrounding areas, you need look no further than Bazaar Home Decorating! From window fashions to […]

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Get Ready For Winter with an Energy Efficient Home

With a brisk chill in the Milwaukee air, there’s no denying that winter is coming. While we’re all loving how long autumn is hanging around this year, we know that it won’t last forever. So, have you started to prepare your home for winter? Are you wondering about ways to increase energy-efficiency and keep a […]

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