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Custom Roller Shades: Exquisite Style, Exceptional Results

Modern, sophisticated, chic…would you love these words to describe your home? Custom roller shades pair gorgeous fabrics and incredible innovation to bring a tailored edge and fabulous solutions to your unique spaces. In generations past, these shades were beloved for their function alone. Today, though, their styling is beyond compare while their features and advanced […]

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Home Projects: Surround Yourself with Beauty & Function

The start of a new year…it feels like a chance to begin again, a blank slate with hopeful energy filling the air. Have you thought about making changes with home projects? Not only is the beginning of the New Year a great opportunity to start fresh, but by completing some home projects on your list, […]

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Bring Beauty In: Fall Style Trends

Here in Wisconsin, it’s hard not to love fall. The sizzling heat and humidity of summer fade away and the mosquitoes finally take a hike–leaving bright autumn days filled with refreshing air, brilliant colors, and outdoor activities galore. You can stop by a local farm for a hayride and some pumpkin picking, admire the fall […]

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Favorite Style Trends from Our Lead Designer

Would you love the chance to talk one-on-one with a designer? Can you imagine the exclusive information you’d get? From the latest style trends to the best up-and-coming features, you’d come away with everything you’d need to inspire your next project. Well, we have all that just for you! We sat down with Dan Anheuser, […]

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A Stylish New Year: 3 Ways to Incorporate Metallic Decor

Start the new year in style! Glam up with a new dress or jacket, and don’t forget about your home. The possibilities are endless for how you can amp up style in your living spaces, but one of our favorites for 2016 is metallic decor. While you might envision metal overtaking your house, we promise […]

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