Cover Sliding Glass Doors: What You Should Know

Forget the nor’easter that just passed through; spring is on its way. Pretty soon we’ll be enjoying sunshine, blossoming flowers, and everything the great outdoors has to offer. Are you thinking about how to cover sliding glass doors? They’ll be seeing a lot more traffic in the coming weeks and months, so it’s best to find the solutions you need now. Sliding glass doors are great for enjoying a beautiful view, saving space, providing easy access to the outside, and making nature part of your home, but they’re not without their issues. Prone to bringing in too much light and heat as well as offering zero privacy, they can really do a number on your home’s environment. So, what should you consider as you look for the right products to cover your sliding glass doors? Here’s what we think you should know…


cover sliding glass doorsFunction

When you want to cover sliding glass doors, function is crucial. Nice weather means that sliding glass doors get a lot of use–so much so that it can feel like all you do is open and shut the door. The dog wants in; now he wants out. The kids are heading out to play; oh wait, they forgot a toy, need a snack, have to use the bathroom, want you to watch them do this “really cool” thing. You need coverings that are easy to open and close. Our favorite operating systems for clients who want to cover sliding glass doors are push/pull control and motorization. With a push/pull system, a wand lets you easily slide vertical shades or blinds. For horizontal ones, cordless LiteRise has you move them into position with your hand. Simple! So simple, in fact, your kids can safely do it themselves. As for motorization, the ease and convenience is unmatched. One touch of a button activates your blinds or shades instantly, and you can even set a schedule so they’ll adjust automatically with your family’s daily life!


cover sliding glass doorsStyle

As you think about how to cover sliding glass doors, it’s important to consider the design of your space. You want the window treatments for your doors to coordinate with those on the surrounding windows. That’s the best way to ensure your home’s look is harmonious, stylish, and beautiful. So, how do you do it? The secret lies in the fabrics. Matching the fabrics across all of your coverings will give you the designer look you want. You can cover sliding glass doors and windows with the same treatments and different orientations, or you can opt for different coverings on your doors. Either way, by using the same fabrics, you’ll have a home dressed in gorgeous style!


cover sliding glass doorsLife

Finally, don’t forget about the benefits to your lifestyle. Convenient operation and stylish design are only the beginning. You also deserve protection for your decor from harmful UV rays, energy-efficiency for cost-savings and comfort, access to a beautiful view and privacy, along with phenomenal light control. The right window treatments to cover sliding glass doors will offer you all of that and also make cleaning a breeze. Since sliding glass doors are such a high traffic area, dust and dirt find their way in regularly–as do muddy paws and sticky fingers. You definitely want something wear-resistant and easy to care for. Did you know that many of our products are designed to repel dust and dirt? How would you like to clean less often? Yeah, we thought so!


Ready to cover sliding glass doors?

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