French Door Shades, Shutters & Blinds for Your Home

If you’re lucky enough to have French doors in your home, you know how much beauty they add to your design. Leading to other rooms or outdoors, they bring function and character. There’s so much to love about French doors, but you’ve probably wondered how to cover them. Our French door shades, blinds, and shutters will add even more function and style to your glass doors. Here are our top choices. Take a look at the benefits they’ll bring to your home.


French Door Shades

French door shades

Doors are meant for function. This can make it difficult to choose window coverings. There are many things to consider when choosing your French door shades, like the location of the handle, the level of privacy you need, and the amount of entering light. Plus, your door needs to remain operable. Shades are a great option for control and function. The Duettes featured here are a perfect choice for French doors. Along with this style of shade, there are many to choose from that offer the following solutions:

  • Full coverage for complete privacy
  • Motorization for safety, control, and convenience
  • Low-profile design for easy functioning
  • Indoor temperature control with fabric choices and shade structure
  • Opacity for soft daylighting, blocking off UV rays and direct sunlight


French Door Shutters

French door shutters

Shutters are an incredibly popular choice in home design, especially for French doors. Known for their timeless style, beauty, and function, shutters are always a safe choice. Recent innovations have made them even better, with improved safety and complete customization to fit your windows and glass doors. You won’t want to miss out on all of the benefits these window treatments have to offer, just like the NewStyle hybrid shutters featured here:

  • Custom made to fit your windows & doors (take a look at the handle cutout!)
  • Directional light control for gorgeous daylighting without the glare
  • Hidden tilt operation allows you to enjoy your view or close off for complete privacy
  • Strong, durable material–perfect for busy areas
  • Blocks UV rays to prevent damage to your furnishings, walls, and flooring
  • Available in blackout


French Door Blinds

French door blinds

Looking for something traditional? You can’t go wrong with blinds. They’re appealing, and come in horizontal and vertical options. French door blinds will complement your decor while giving you control over your atmosphere. Here are the benefits:

  • Quick & easy adjustments
  • Adjustable for view-through, privacy, or in-between!
  • Slats move for directional light control and will block UV rays
  • Many paints, stains, and fabrics to choose from for a custom design
  • Choice of operating system: cord, wand, or motorization


Which is Your Favorite?

If you could choose custom French door shades, blinds, or shutters, which would you pick? There are so many benefits to each. We’d love to help you decide. Let our professional designers show you all of our styles. Contact our team at Bazaar Home Decorating for a free, in-home consultation or come visit our showroom! Let’s get started today.