Say Hello to Our Newest Products!

The latest innovations and inventions are taking the window covering world by storm. We’ve got a brand new shade with game-changing results, patterns & stripes to dress your windows and an exciting new angle in motorization. Let us take you on a tour of our this year’s newest products from the brilliance of Hunter Douglas. Energy efficiency, style, child-safety, convenience and more–all just waiting to be discovered by you!


Style + Function = Designer Banded Shades.

newest products window coverings MilwaukeeOne of the newest products? Designer Banded Shades bring the simplicity, style and incredible function of roller shades into your home–But, wait! They’re not just a roller shade. The bands offer both sheer and opaque fabrics, with the capability to rotate. What does that mean? In one moment, you go from dynamic style and gorgeous view-through, to the next moment of complete privacy and light blocking solid shade. newest products banded shadesThe two layers of fabric roll and rotate, so the opaque fabric backs the sheer. We think it’s “sheer” genius! Whether you want the straightforward look of lined bands, or the unique design of geometric shapes, you can create a stellar look at your windows.


Roller + Honeycomb = Sonnette Shades

newest products sonnette shadesBeautiful dimension, energy efficient results, simple operation–what exactly are we talking about? The newest invention in the window coverings world is Sonnette Shades. These shades take the most loved features of both roller and honeycomb shades and combines them into one amazing window covering. newest products roller honeycombHoneycomb shades are known for cellular insulation at the window, with dimension that stands out in style. Roller shades provide the incredible function and sleek styling at the window. Now, you have both in one shade. Game-changing results, beautiful styling.


Child Safety + Motorization = SoftTouch

motorized wand control newest productsIn the window coverings world, we are making your home safer one window at a time. Part of that has to do with the operating systems available to you–you need something that works for your home and lifestyle. Another new invention this year, the SoftTouch operating system combines the ease and convenience of motorization with the wand control you’ve come to love. It’s the safety you need when you still want operation at the window. What’s the coolest thing about SoftTouch? The wand stays up out of the way, but it’s attached by a magnet–a strong one. That means, if by some chance it’s grabbed, it won’t break, and it’s not dangerous. It simply detaches.


Our Newest Products–Want to See Them?

We are thrilled to introduce you this new lineup. We think you’re going to love the style, function and results you’ll achieve in your Milwaukee area home with our newest products. Come see for yourself at our showroom. Or, if you’d like the convenience of a custom, in-home appointment, get in touch with us. We’ll bring inspiration and advice, as well as on-trend fabrics so you can choose what will look best right in your own home. Our team at Bazaar Home Decorating is ready to help you find the perfect combination of comfort and solutions. Contact us today!