Smart Shades: Up the Comfort & Energy Savings of Your Home

While it’s nice to be outdoors, soaking up the sun, we all know that too much of a good thing is sometimes just too much. These 80º temps may have you feeling like you want to escape into the cool comfort of your home. Is it cool and comfortable? Or, do you have to run your AC around the clock in an attempt to save yourself from the heat? Let’s talk Smart Shades.

smart shades instant adjustment Hunter Douglas Milwaukee 53217

Energy savings with better results–does that sound too good to be true? The intuitive innovation of Smart Shades offers effortless operation for optimal results. That’s a lot of information in one sentence! Let’s break it down…


Smart Home Integration

Do you have a smart home? Smart Shades can integrate with your smart home system for a seamless experience. Your thermostat can talk to your shades, and when the interior of your home reaches a certain temperature, they close. Location services communicate with your Smart Shades. Your home might be a closed off, energy saving, cool sanctuary all day long, but when you pull into your driveway, your shades adjust to the “welcome home” setting for just the right environment so you don’t feel like you’re in a cave.

PowerView smart shades integration Hunter Douglas Waukesha 53188

And, of course, Hunter Douglas took the idea of the “ugly” remote and unsightly router (that we all want to hide), and they upgraded all the elements to sleek, sophisticated pieces that can fit right into your decor.


Device, Remote & Voice Control

What makes your life easier–your smart watch, a tablet, or Alexa? Is your smartphone a constant extension on the end of your arm? The beauty of Smart Shades is that they fit into all of those technologies. Trigger Alexa to adjust your shades to a favorite setting without getting up from the couch. A quick tap from your phone, using the PowerView app, closes your shades–even when you’re not at home.

device control smart shades Hunter Douglas Brookfield 53045

Remote control options are always available, fitting into your lifestyle–and decor–with both the Pebble and Surface remotes for simple control.


Smart Shades: Creating Rhythm with Custom Settings

Do you know IFTTT? That’s control that customizes your home. It stands for “If This, Then That.” And, it’s transforming homes. Your smart shades will be in the right place every time. Interior temps high enough that the AC kicks on? Your shades close to block out the sunshine. Time for a beautiful sunset? Only the correct shade adjusts for you to take in the gorgeous landscape. It’s the intuitive technology we thought only existed in futuristic shows. But, it’s here. It’s easy. All you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy.

smart shades with top down bottom up Hunter Douglas Milwaukee 53217

In the end, you’ll be saving your own time and energy, money on your utility bills and your sanity year round! Our team at Bazaar Home Decorating are your experts for motorized control in the Milwaukee area. Contact us today for your FREE in-home consultation.