Welcome Fall with Thermal Window Treatments

Fall is my favorite time of year. The landscape is beautiful, the air is crisp, the blankets are cozy. You know what I don’t love about fall? It’s inevitable that those chilly mornings will turn to blustery cold, the leaves no longer offer lush cover, and homes can feel drafty–even with the heat on. Desperate to combat what’s coming? It’s not as hard as you think! Thermal window treatments will solve ALL of your common homeowner issues, while offering gorgeous styling for your home!


Energy Efficient Design

Do you know that 40% heat loss happens due to no insulation at your windows? Getting the right coverings is ideal for solving this common problem. Thermal window treatments stop that “drafty” feeling. They also can help you feel comfortable year round.

thermal window treatments plantation shutters Hunter Douglas Milwaukee 53217

Whether you want layers of fabric from roman shades, the cellular insulation of honeycomb shades, or the framed-in efficiency of plantation shutters, you (and you energy bills) will notice results immediately!


Control That Fits the Season

Falling leaves can mean that your home is exposed to an increase in light, glare and the view in. Don’t trade comfort for natural lighting and a view of the beautiful skies. We all know capturing autumn light is important.

top down roman shades thermal window treatments Hunter Douglas Brookfield 53045

Top down bottom up shades allow you to adjust your lighting based on your home and the season of the year. They also provide the privacy you need. Plantation shutters offer similar features, with split tilt, or simply the directional control of the louvers. Our favorite thermal window treatments not only maintain temps, they also offer amazing control.


Harvest the Best Parts of Autumn

The days feel shorter. The light seems darker. Now’s the time to embrace all that fall has to offer. That means customization. What works for privacy, temperature control and ideal lighting in the morning will change over the course of the day.

thermal window treatments top down bottom up shades Hunter Douglas Waukesha 53188Don’t waste time adjusting your thermal window treatments in an attempt to squeeze every last bit of benefit out. Smart shades adjust on a set schedule, with favorite settings, or a simple tap on your phone. Experience pure customization with motorized blinds, shades or shutters this season.


Get Started with Thermal Window Treatments

Discovering solutions for your home is easiest when we come right to you! Find your favorite choices from Hunter Douglas with the wide range of fabrics and features at our Milwaukee area showroom. Then, schedule your free in-home consultation, bringing one of our expert designers to your home. Trust in the team at Bazaar Home Decorating Center. Contact us today for your appointment!