What Goes with Gold: Color Pairings

Decorating with metallics has topped the style scene for quite some time now. With timeless sophistication, gold is truly a favorite. Wondering how you can take this trend and make it your own?If you’re thinking about color schemes, wondering what goes with gold, you’ll be surprised to see that your favorite shade will coordinate well and add contemporary freshness to your home. We’re talking about how to incorporate accents, furniture and fabrics in gold that go with your favorite colors…


Black & White…

what goes with gold black white kitchen

This kitchen is stunning in black and white–but what really finishes the look is the hardware. Can you imagine this kitchen with any other drawer pulls? And, light fixtures are the perfect way to bring gold in. Small statement, huge results!


Shades of Blue…

blue gold home office what goes with gold

No matter the shade you choose, if you’re looking for what goes with gold, the blue color family will create an ideal combo! We love how the artwork in the space incorporate gold, as well as the coordinated shelves. While delicate, this home office makes a strong style statement!


With Pinks…

what goes with gold pink dining space

If gold and pink make you think of a nursery, you’d be right on–today’s new parents are answering the question of what goes with gold as they prepare for baby’s arrival. It’s beyond beautiful! But, pinks are gorgeous with gold for grownups as well. I think this dining room achieves an exquisite design! The blush pink chairs are ideal for a subtle look without choosing neutrals. But, the chandelier certainly steals the show.


Gray & White…

what goes with gold gray powder room

Simple. Stunning. You wouldn’t think that gray would mix well with gold, but on the contrary, gray provides a soft backdrop for gold accents. Gold hardware is a great way to instill classic style to the contemporary finishes of a space.


Your Choice of Greens…

green brown gold living room

From graceful sage, to bright greenery, people are styling greens with gold for distinct design. Coming together in complementary fashion, green, gold and brown join together for a vintage feel in this living room. It’s kind of a throwback to the seventies, but that retro vibe is what many are striving for–simple, earthy and completely on-trend.


Elegant Purples…

purple gold eclectic living room

Royalty has been playing up the elegance of purple and gold forever. It’s quite an exquisite combination, whether you enjoy just a whisper of purple, like these walls, or the darker mysterious look of bold purple. Mixing finishes of metallics is popular, so choose the pieces you love, and the look of your room will have your personal touch.


Turquoise with Accents of Red…

what goes with gold turquoise red kitchen

Depending on the accents you choose, mixing reds with gold can fit a number of style categories from vintage to modern. This kitchen is done nicely in turquoise with accents of both red and gold. It’s hints at worldly design. And while this backdrop of turquoise suits the space, it could have been done in a variety of colors–white, black, brown–and the reds and golds would still coordinate nicely.


What Goes with Gold? The Perfect Atmosphere.

what goes with gold pirouette hunter douglas Brookfield

Your home is your sanctuary–your favorite place to be. Make it your own by styling it with your favorite colors–and accents of gold! Stop wondering what goes with gold, and start finding your favorite gold furnishings and accents. What about the windows? Have you considered adding custom window treatments in gold metallic fabrics that will make a statement of both design and function? Let us help! Contact our team today, at Bazaar Home Decorating, to get started!


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